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You Are One Conversation Away From Changing Your Life & Getting More

Everyone has a story to tell and something that they can teach others.

 The Ask More. Get More. Show was started during the 2020 Pandemic in an effort to connect with, and highlight the experiences of, leaders who were not just surviving during the crisis - but THRIVING.  

Our guests share spectacular stories and insights about mental health, emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence, business and financial acumen, and how to become an amazing leader.  

From award-winning journalists & authors, to neuroscientists and physicians, business leaders and entrepreneurs - we are on a mission to find out how you can get more out of your life today, and every day!

The Real Leaders. Real Life. Podcast

The Real Leaders. Real Life. Podcast is your place to listen in to, and discuss how you can navigate your workplace (your real workplace).

We discuss some of your most pressing workplace problems and what you may be able to do about it.

While some of these situations are shocking, they're all real; which means we should be talking about it so that you don't have to guess anymore.

"Meditation is a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind, so you can access your subconscious mind."
- Dr. Joe Dispenza

 Putting the research, conversations, and subject matter expert recommendations into action, we create meditations and affirmations that are grounded in "thinking about thinking".

 We've combined the principals of a growth mindset with the power of daily meditation and affirmation practices so that we can work towards a new future self, a little bit each day.

 Join us as we focus on higher learning, self-reflection, and building our optimistic future one practice at a time.

Check Out More About Each of The Hosts!

Laura Moon

 Laura Moon, Managing Partner and Founder of Bare Slate, has always loved learning, but as a child she struggled in school. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult (after being misdiagnosed with depression) that she discovered ways of learning that worked for her.

With a certification in Automotive Law and Ethics, Lean Kaizen Management, Professional Retail Management and having coached & trained over 500 leaders,  she champions a holistic educational approach that appeals to a diversity of learning styles.  

As a gay woman Laura knows what it’s like to not always see yourself reflected in the world around you. It’s one of the reasons why she’s so passionate about creating inclusive communities where everyone feels safe to learn and grow.  

An experienced corporate facilitator, Laura has worked in sales and management for 20 years. Central to her trainings with individuals and teams is the belief that anyone with a dream should be able to achieve it.

Nicole Girouard, BBA, CBT  

Nicole Girouard, Bare Slate's Managing Partner, is driven to help people heal and grow so that they can get more out of their lives every day.

As a certified CBT practitioner who holds a degree in Business Administration and Management, she understands what it takes to inspire positive change in individuals and organizations.  

Growing up she watched people close to her suffer from debilitating anxiety. This has motivated her to learn why and how people do what they do, earning certification(s) in social psychology, stress & anxiety management, depression counselling, and digital leadership.  

Having struggled with perfectionism, Nicole cares deeply about creating communities that support others in discovering their inherent worthiness.