Are You Stuck in an Over-Giving Loop At Work?

It's time to recognize when enough is enough and when we've over-given to everyone and everything around us.

Katie McDonald is a Self-Care Strategist, the Founder of b.nourised and the creator of the b.nourished planner.

She joins us on The Ask More. Get More. Podcast to discuss:

  • how the daily ritual of a cup of tea can nourish all 5 of the senses and set your day up simply and calmly.
  • how we can recognize when enough is enough and we've over-given to everyone and everything around us
  • why you need to feed your ambition, instead of feeding the desires, wants and needs of everyone else around you first

About Katie McDonald

Katie is a trailblazer in holistic enlightenment, is a mother, trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City.

She teaches/taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Women's Summit at Bryant University, has keynoted at the Providence Business News Healthiest Employer awards and the Spirit of Change Natural Living Expo.

Katie's Message

The fact is, quick fixes don't work. The mission of b.nourished is to help you change your life in a meaningful way. For good.

It's time to start thriving instead of simply surviving and to not only start believing that lasting change is possible, but to actually make it a reality.

Find Katie Here

the b.nourished website

Here is our inspiration from the conversation:

  • we don't need to fear being alone, in fact we should look forward to time alone!
  • when we take the time to sit with ourselves, and our thoughts - EVEN if it's just 5 minutes to close our eyes and take a deep breath - we can learn so much
  • Tiny Tweaks, done each day, can add up to an amazing life and habits that serve you
  • When we realize that we are addicted to over-giving we have the opportunity to do something about it
  • You can still be a good person, and serve others, AND take care of your needs too
  • Resentment is a big flag in the game of over-giving
  • Pay attention to what foods you are drawn to (ie. the crunchy chips and grinding your teeth!)

No matter how you may have arrived to the place you are today - no matter what the outside factors are, remember you always have choice. 

****Even if the choices are small (like choosing to go to bed earlier, or the choice to sit in your car at lunch so that you get away from your desk, or the choice to focus on all of the GOOD you do in a day) you still have choice.****

Despite current circumstances you have the ability to choose how you react to it and protect yourself from it.

Let us know what your thoughts are about this conversation and what inspiration you took from it! What did we miss? What didn't we see or hear? 

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