What Are Integral Acts of Play?

learn more Sep 29, 2020

author: Sonomi Tanaka, M.A., RP

Play can be so many things but one definition is an act of engagement within yourself or with someone else. Play often throws in a little enjoyment, boundary testing and fantasy as well.

Many adults would add to this definition of play that it is an activity with a lack of practical purpose. However, I would argue that play, right from the beginning of life, has many very important functions for all human beings and even other creatures in the animal kingdom, too.

In The Beginning

Let’s go back to the beginning because so many important things happen in the first year of life, in our brains and in our ability to create relationships.

Picture a baby, she is having her diapers changed by her father. As he finishes up, he leans forward and blows a big raspberry on his baby’s belly. They both make eye contact, giggle and smile. These moments are seconds long but they are the beginnings of play.

It’s also the stuff of bonding and a...

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Why You Need to Google Yourself

learn more Aug 12, 2020

Should you care about what pops up on Google...About YOU?

We've all done it. 
Usually, it's because of a meme you saw on Facebook, or you may be curious as to what you'd find. 
If you did Google yourself, were you surprised or disappointed about what you found after searching your name? 
Try this: Google your name again, but this time, do it from the perspective of a hiring manager from a top company; now how do you feel about the results? 
If you paused, then you won't be alone on this. 
In today's digital world, your social media is a big part of your digital footprint and, if you're job hunting, your resume and references aren't the only things a human resource or hiring manager is going to look at. 
Bare Slate Inc., Laura Moon & Nicole Girouard

They'll be researching your name, and that means that you need to be getting more out of your digital footprint.

With the economy constantly changing and many people making career changes, job...

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Why You Need to Care About Making Original Content

learn more Aug 05, 2020

What do people see when they Google your name? 

It may sound like this is an odd question, but as a brand, artist, or business owner, what people see when they search your name can make or break their decision in working with you. 
It’s essential for you to have original content. 
You show up differently online with social networks than what you put out there for others to see. 
Original content creation is about controlling what people see when your information comes up.
The whole reason is getting people to work with you or hire you for any specific business or service you offer. 
What they see online can be the deciding factor. 
The more they have to hunt and search for you, the faster they’ll give up and move on to someone easier to find. 
When you Google your name, click on all the tabs:
  • All
  • News
  • Images
  • Videos
  • And more
Nicole Girouard Bare Slate

By doing this, you’ll have a better idea of...

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Why Remote Workers Need THIS to Be More Productive

learn more May 10, 2020

Stop Trying to Lead & Train Remote Workers in Real-Time

Joshua Clarke is the Senior Web Developer at West Corporation, and he fills a unique position floating between nine different teams, spread out across multiple time zones, working on nine different products within the organization. 
With everyone working at different times and on different projects you would think that this presents a communication nightmare, leaving managers like Clarke working at all hours of the day and night.
Except, he isn’t.
One of the main reasons why, is because he and his team (and the organization at large) leverage asynchronous communication. 
Which means everyone knows exactly what they need to be working on, at any given time, and that time zones and distance are not a factor when it comes to collaborative work.
The Foundations for a Remote Work Culture Matter
In Clarke’s organization the foundations for remote work...
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Doubling Down on Efficiency and eCommerce During a Crisis

learn more May 03, 2020

An Unexpected Change Happens...What's Your Next Move?

Like most businesses with e-commerce platforms, the Calendar Club of Canada is experiencing an explosion of interest.
Calendar Club supplies the much sought-after calendars, games, toys, and puzzles that we all enjoy purchasing at the end of the year for ourselves, or our loved ones.  
They’re the “fun store” that pops up in malls and shopping centres just before the Christmas shopping season and then disappear a few weeks into the new year.
Just like other seasonal businesses, one of the benefits of being a fourth-quarter company is that they are one of the few organizations designed for change in the economy; like the COVID-19 shutdown.  
Stuart Quinn, CHRP, is the Leasing Manager for the Calendar Club of Canada and it’s his job to work closely with malls and shopping centres to organize, negotiate and arrange the popping up and...
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Micromanaging Your Employees At Home & Why We Hoard Supplies in a Crisis

learn more Apr 29, 2020

How Our Anxiety Shows Up in Our Behaviours

Today's topic is a blend of mental health and what's going on in learning and development in today's businesses. The burning question we all have is, “What’s up with hoarding toilet paper?”
Before we jump into this hot topic, we would like to thank our guest Miriam Ibrahim for not hoarding her knowledge. 

Miriam Ibrahim, a therapist with a Master's in psych who started her career in mental health, we learn she shifted from role to role, landing currently in her position of Senior Manager of Learning Solutions Architecture at TD Bank Group. 

We discussed the pride in achieving this role in a large organization that was willing to take risks and support an individual with mental health as front of mind. 
We all know that when you're looking to shift a culture, you need somebody who's willing to take a risk on the right employee. 
It's easier to take a chance...
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