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Kolbe & A Conversation

It's All About You!

The Kolbe Assessment will give you a view of your true self, how you operation and initiate action, and how you are most comfortable navigating your life.

Learning more about how (and why) you operate the way you do is basically like being given a User Guide To Me manual!

What you'll get:

  • Official Kolbe Assessment + Personal Report
  • 60 Minute Conversation where we go through your results in detail and explain the findings (as they apply to YOU)
  • Backwards Goal Setting Exercise and overview to start working towards your most urgent goal
  • 2 Months FREE Access to The Get More Movement Membership

What People Are Saying:

“Working with Laura Moon at Bare Slate to understand and maximize my Kolbe report (7-5-7-3) was a game changer. Laura mentored me and taught me how to use my MO to my advantage to work better not harder, excel in my career, and deepen my personal relationships. Laura wants to see you win at life and with the Kolbe report she knows the tools you need to succeed. Every step of the way, Laura was dedicated to seeing me succeed and provided me with a map to do so. I highly recommend working with Laura to take the Kolbe report to really understand who you are and tackle any goals and dreams you have.”


“The biggest positive impact that taking the Kolbe had on my life was learning how I work best. I began to notice my approach to things in my life shift, as I started to work in ways that were most successful and rewarding for me. I saw better results in my every project I tackled, from my career to relationships. Taking a moment to stop and think about how things can work for me rather than trying to fit myself into a process or mould that didn’t is a skill I will use the rest of my life.”


“I would highly recommend working with Bare Slate to receive customized coaching which includes a detailed analysis of one’s KOLBE assessment to learn how to work in the mode of operation that is most natural to you. Beyond the analysis of one’s M.O., their coaching and compassionate, strategic guidance has encouraged and empowered me to confidently embrace my natural state of operation. The mentorship has made all the difference and continues to be a source of strength I can rely on to navigate challenges and draw wisdom from.”

Valerie Le