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The Get More Movement is here to help you Get More out of every aspect of your life. We are the 5% of the population that is living our life on purpose. 


Join us each week for inspiration, information, motivation (and some good 'ol fashioned tough-love) because we FIRMLY believe that you are one conversation (or message) away from changing your life.


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More often than not we'll decide to stay in the same painful situation, simply because we think that the change will be worse.


We build up worst-case scenarios in our head without any evidence that it is true or even realistic.


With no proof at all, and that little monster in our minds telling us to be afraid, we stay in the job that isn't fulfilling, we live in a town that we don't feel joy in, we maintain relationships that we have outgrown and are holding us back, and we put aside our own hopes and dreams simply because of our fear.


It's time to take hold of that fear. It's time to look that little monster in the eyes and say, "I know you're not going to go away, but we're not following your lead anymore...I'M in charge now."


Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?:

  • Do you WISH that you could be so uncomfortable with your life that you will finally be forced to change?

  • Do you fantasize about picking a fight with your boss so that you can rage quit and finally move on?

  • Do you have daydreams about being forced to move out of your house/condo so that you can finally move to the town you’ve always wanted to live in?

  • Are you working until late-o’clock in an office you feel drained in, with people that don't share the same values as you wishing that could finally move on to something new?

  • Do you find yourself wishing that the garage (or basement) would flood so that you can finally, "throw all of that crap out!!" and be forced to break the emotional attachment you have to your childhood crafts??

  • Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the term, “work-life BALANCE”?

  • Do you know that there is MORE to life but just don’t know what to do? (but.. like.. really….yes you do you're just afraid to take action in case of....(fill in excuse here).

  • Do your friends and family avoid your calls because they know that you’re just going to complain about the same thing...again? (if it’s not you, we accept referrals)


One thing we've discovered is that when you use the word "finally" a lot it means you are ready for change, you're just afraid to take that first step.


If you’re ready to be incredibly uncomfortable, confront your temper-tantrum inducing mindset, and OMG finally start to live your life on purpose and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted….then you have reached your Get More Moment.


And we have a Movement for that.

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